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  • What type of printer I can use to print cheque?  (Any commonly used printers, including dot matrix printer, Inkjek Printer and Laser Printer.)
  • Any Cheque size limitation? (No. Print all bankers’ cheque.)
  • Is this software too complicated for issuing cheque? (No, this is a straightforward software can help you to print a cheque just in 10 second. The function of writing a cheque is simple enough to understand instantaneously. The output is a professional looking all round printed cheque.)
  • Can this software link to our existing accounting system? (No.)
  • Can I use this in a networking environment? (No)
  • Is the software user-friendly? (After an initial setup and brief practice, you should be getting around the various screens and functions with relative ease. Further more our system support crew will provide training & support all year round as necessary.)
  • Will my bank accept a printed cheque? (Yes, not only the system reasonably secure against basic tampering, it facilitates the work flow of the bank staff with a clear cheque presentation. This is especially useful when you have to decipher hundreds types of handwritings each day. )


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